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LUcie VEcerova

Lucie has been pursuing singing since her childhood, and she has been singing professionally since she was 10 years old. She performed alongside artists such as Dasha, David Deyl and Kristina. Later, she started to engage in musicals and acting.

She made her debut in a leading role of Alice in czech original musical "Alice, Alenka a voda živá" alongside singer Jana Fabianova. The musical was performed at czech iconic Semafor theatre in 2018. Lucie was a semifinalist of The Voice Czechoslovakia 2019.

Between the years of 2019 – 2020, she also premiered in performing with Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra in Karlovy Vary as well as with Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague in Prague. Currently, Lucie sings in a band in Prague and rehearses in a musical project named Anastasis. On top of this, she is working on her own production and cooperating with musical colleagues.

Dobrý skutok with Peter Juhás

New Czech single Teče krev with Eric Via

First czech single Vstaň a lítej

The first single What Life Brings prod. Dusko The God